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HVAC Maintenance Plans in Sarasota

Quality Tune-Ups for Heating & Cooling Systems

The simplest and most cost-effective way to keep your heating and cooling systems running their best is with a regular maintenance program. Routine maintenance assures you that the inside of your HVAC system is clean, your filters are working properly, and that your indoor air is as fresh and germ free as possible. In addition, our maintenance program  can catch most problems before they happen, saving you the added expense of emergency HVAC repairs.

At ALECO AC & Heating Experts, our job is to help you get as much as possible from your homes or business’s HVAC unit. With one of our maintenance plans in place, you can rest assured you’ll get the longest life from your equipment. Your furnace and air conditioner will also operate with optimal efficiency, keeping your energy bills low while providing exceptional comfort. Our maintenance program gives you the advantage of being our priority customer on an emergency call.

Call (941) 254-2355 or contact us online to discuss maintenance plans and/or request a maintenance appointment with our experienced professionals. We are available 24/7.

Preventative HVAC Maintenance You'll Love for Just $99 a Year!

At ALECO AC & Heating Experts, we go above and beyond for our customers by providing an optional and affordable membership plan. With our membership, you’ll receive an annual maintenance visit for just $99 (which comes out to just $8.25 per month). Not only is this a great deal, but you’ll save thousands of dollars in the long run by avoiding costly breakdowns.

Benefits include:

  • 15% discount on repair services

  • Email reminders and calls for upcoming visits

  • Priority service, meaning that we will bump you to the head of the line when you call
  • Includes safety/function inspection
  • Check components of equipment
  • Priority Same-day or next day service

  • Includes outdoor coil/drain line cleaning during the maintenance visit
  • And more!

All for just $99 per year!

With regular tune ups and inspections, your HVAC systems will last longer and live up to their full potential. This increased level of efficiency will greatly decrease the need for sudden, expensive repairs when it breaks down the maintenance CAN help to lower the cost of your energy bills” to “This increased level of efficiency will greatly decrease the need for sudden, expensive repairs. Maintenance can also help significantly lower the cost of your energy bill.”

Efficient Service Done Right and Guaranteed

If you are not satisfied with our service or the operation of your system, we will keep coming back to your home or business as many times as reasonably necessary to rectify the issue.

Highly Trained Technicians

Our technicians perform a 60-point inspection after every installation job, are EPA 608 certified and are continuously trained on safety.

Fully licensed and Insured

We are fully trustworthy, and we treat your home like our own. We are licensed, bonded, and insured.

Quality Workmanship

Our staff independently checks each installation after it has been completed and is available to you to communicate with after the installation.

Family Owned & Operated for 40+ Years

Since 1981, our team guarantees your experience with ALECO will exceed your expectations. Your happiness is guaranteed.


Maintenance of your HVAC system involves three main components, including:

  • Cleaning: As your HVAC system operates over time, various parts will become dirty. ALECO’s annual maintenance includes condenser coil and drain line clearing.
  • Lubricating: There are numerous moving parts within your system that will need to remain properly lubricated so that your unit doesn’t break down. Failure to lubricate these parts can result in friction and grinding that can significantly damage your HVAC equipment.

  • Inspecting: HVAC maintenance technicians generally inspect several parts, including condenser coils, fan blades, capacitors, contractors, electrical connections, heat exchangers, and ductwork. If any issues are found, they can be resolved before causing extensive damage to your unit.
  • Replacing: Replacing minor components that are failing can help your system prevent the failure of bigger parts or even the whole system.

Call Now to Learn More About Maintenance Plans

Many responsible home and business owners entrust their HVAC maintenance requirements to a heating and cooling specialist in their local area. At ALECO AC & Heating Experts, our maintenance plan makes taking care of your heating and cooling systems easy. Feel free to contact us at any time to discuss our maintenance plan in detail and sign up.

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